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12 months – 2 years

Our Toddler program provides care and education for children ages 12 months to 2 years. Curiosity and imagination are where learning begins in our toddler program, turning play into meaningful learning experiences. Our toddler teachers utilize a variety of strategies to meet each child where they are in their learning journey. Our teachers modify educational experiences based on children’s interests and strengths while recognizing each child as an individual.

Our daily routine is consistent, fun, and flexible, with a child-focused curriculum specifically designed to foster their innate curiosity and support both their interests and developmental progress. Our teachers are committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and predictable environment while implementing a well-balanced educational program.

Our teachers track children’s progress through our child assessment portfolio system and daily communication tools.  Teachers use this information to share children’s growth during Parent/Teacher Conferences. Our comfy atmosphere provides a home like environment by fostering friendships, supporting emerging emotions, building healthy beginnings, sparking curiosity, and promoting language development.

One of the daily communication tools we utilize in our program is a parent communication app called, Procare Connect. Through Procare Connect, you will receive daily updates on your child’s day including their meals, naps, diaper changes and much more.

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